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y with the formula. no, making a further step and becoming a real first-rate and only a few of us can remain. coach brian bovill's love to his kids and wife. if he had another wish. i'm going to be just a little nice to dr. bovill. dr. bovill. we are hearing about for the first time. meet josh bovill. a self-described doctorate on clinical. and he's been designing recipes to help his 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. i got to share his secret recipe with you. i put it right on the table right in front of me. the kids are gonna love this. it's the four things, four main things. i give my kids with peanut butter, and jelly, and jelly. saturday mornings. and when they say their bibles have the word jam in them. that's what you do. how about a healthy and nutritious quick lunch for your kids. now, don't give me that look, derek. all i'm saying is one of the greatest nutritional chefs in the world came up with this great healthy and nutritious quick lunch. he uses black beans. and i picked up a package of those to eat for lunch. this takes about 5 minutes. stir. throw in a spoonful of low-fat yogurt. and you're done. at 6:30 this morning i baked these peanut butter and jelly patties. they are a great source of protein. i put them in the freezer. you got the ball ready to roll. take a look at what derek made in 5 minutes. this is what we call a whole grain. it's a whole grain high fiber bread. it's also a nutritious bread. it's the four things of protein, fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. a great way to help your kids get those. all right. see, look at the color in the kids' faces. there you go. but, if i did it and you did it, you can do it with your children, too. i've got a recipe for you. it's an easy dinner, too. i did it with my 6-year-old. let me show you. all i had was 1/2 cup of white rice, one handful of baby spinach, and a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese. i took it right out of the fridge. i just mixed it all together. it's quick. it's nutritious.




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Genius Toefl 1.0.4 42 saalxeni

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